Miskolc aims to become the most self-aware city in 2030. This self-awareness defines its operation, outer image and makes it an attractive, liveable, and developing interregional centre.


SMART projects in Miskolc


Already closed projects:

  • Rehabilitation of the city center (17.5 M Euro)
  • Real time passenger information (1.3 M Euro)
  • “Digital City” Improvement of the digital skills of citizens (12.1 M Euro)
  • Infrastructural development of the Miskolc South Technology Park (2.3 M Euro)
  • Industrial park development in Miskolc (3.7 M Euro)
  • Rehabilitation of Diósgyőr part of town (2.8 M Euro)
  • City operation information system (1.5 M Euro)
  • TIMI Public area surveillance application (90 000 Euro)
  • Touristic application (100 000 Euro)
  • E-ticket system (public transportation) (4 M Euro)


Projects in implementation phase:

  • Infrastructural development of the industrial park in Miskolc (4.9 M Euro)
  • Development of the Mechatronics Industrial Park (0.2 M Euro)
  • Employment Pact Program of Miskolc City with County Rights (7.6 M Euro)
  • Intelligent CCTV camera system (10.5 M Euro)
  • “GIS” city maintenance system (1.5 M Euro)
  • Digital social development (0.6 M Euro)
  • Rehabilitation of the city centre and Miskolctapolca city parts (12.8 M Euro)