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Miskolc provides several opportunities to fully experience cultural life. For art connoisseurs the Miskolci Nemzeti Színház (Miskolc National Theatre), and the Művészetek Háza (House of Arts) provide quality shows. In addition to this, several exhibitions presenting the character and history of the region are open for interested visitors. For lovers of more lively events seasonal and thematic festivals, like the Jelly Festival, Bartók Plus Opera Festival or different oenology programs grant opportunities for relaxation in any part of the year. Our city is rich in sights that formed the cityscape, image, and identity of it during its history and even today, providing program opportunities for visitors but also for those living here, due to their renewal all the time.


The Avas Viewpoint, the Diósgyőr Castle, or the streets of the historic city center enrich visitors with hardly forgettable memories, due to their characteristic ambience. The proximity of the Bükk mountains hides an abundance of natural treasures, to be discovered by nature-loving visitors by visiting Lillafüred, the Csanyik valley or Tapolca.


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Those who get hungry while spending quality free time should get to know the gastronomic offers of the city and the region. Be it a full family lunch or a quick snack in the city center, everyone can find a place that suits them, not to mention the excellent wines of the region. The Miskolctapolca or city center hotels and apartments offer excellent opportunities for relaxation lasting for several days even.


If Miskolc and sports, then DVTK. DVTK has been the most defining element of the sports life of the Northeastern Hungarian region for a long time. Today, this ensures watching lots of sports events (football, ice hockey, basketball). Additionally, several modern gyms, swimming pools and running tracks are available for those looking for active relaxation. And the area around the city is rich in excellent hiking routes.
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In quick succession several private healthcare providers were established in Miskolc in the past years, offering a wide spectrum of service packages to those living here, in competition with each other as well. Be it outpatient care, smaller, one day surgeries or recreational treatment, Miskolc residents and visitors can choose from several modern.